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Digital Wallpaper

Digital Wallpaper makes a great impression by adding colour, logos and marketing images to your wall space or display. Digital wallpaper is made from a durable, flexible material and makes a wall covering economical and long lasting. It can be installed using most commercial types of wallpaper paste, or we can supply self adhesive wallpaper.

All our wallpaper murals are completely custom made to fit your wall size and individual requirements. This means you can print your own images and designs. Or you can choose from over 1 million copyright free images from our photo library - DepositPhotos™.

Yellow Signs wall covering range has been developed for designers, architects & interior display specialists. The range includes the premium Muramour paper-backed wall covering.
The Digimura fabric-backed wall covering range also boasts a "Class O" fire rating even when printed (essential for public spaces).