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Laser Cutting, Engraving & Routing

With our in house, state of the art, laser cutting and CNC routing equipment, we can provide a wide range of design and manufacturing services. We have experience with numerous materials including: aluminium composite, leather, fabric, textiles, acrylic/Perspex, wood, card, rubber and stencils. Whether you're a company, architect, craftsman or designer, we can help with prototyping, making components for projects, or provide branding options for your company.

What makes laser engraving so popular?

  • The level of detail achievable is very high.
  • Laser etching is a “non-contact” process meaning fragile materials can be processed.
  • Photographic images can be engraved onto many materials.
  • Lasers are capable of etching 3D images in many materials.
  • Virtually any type of image can be used to produce the engraved part.
  • Laser engraving is very cost-effective.

What makes CNC routing so popular?

  • Highly cost-effective when making multiple copies and for materials up to 40 mm thick.
  • Good for making large three dimensional images.
  • Perfect for cutting out extra large letters and logos.
  • Can be used for cutting softer metals such as aluminium and brass.

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