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Projecting Signs

A projecting sign is a sign that projects or protrudes from a building at an angle, normally 90 degrees. This type of sign allows customers to see the business as they approach from a distance from either direction.

There are broadly speaking, two types of projecting signs:

The first type is fixed in place and is commonly made from aluminum or steel. This option normally has an internal steel frame and is clad in two aluminum trays giving a strong, modern clean appearance. A popular option is to stencil cut or fret cut the aluminium tray face and internally illuminate them with LED's or fluorescent tubes.

The second type is typically made using a pole or brackets made from steel which is frequently painted black. The panel can be any shape or size and swings in the wind. This type is also referred to as a projecting swing signs.

Many projecting signs are illuminated by trough lights, which are an exterior light unit that sits on top of the projecting sign bracket.

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