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Office Window Frosting & Graphics

Vinyl Window Graphics

Great for impressive displays of full colour images in shop windows. Vinyl allows you to create high resolution photo realistic window graphics that can be attached inside or outside. Certain self-adhesive materials can also be applied to wood, metal and plastics.

Window Frosting - Frosted Glass Window Film

If you want privacy but without losing daylight then etched glass effect or frosted glass window film is the perfect choice. It can be easily combined with vinyl window graphics to create dynamic yet private window displays.

Contra Vision One Way Window Film

You see contra vision every day on phone boxes, buses, offices and shop windows. It's a unique one way window film that uses tiny perforations to allow people to see out but prevent people looking in. This combines the benefits of vinyl window film and frosted glass film so you can use full colour window graphics whilst also providing privacy.

Self Cling Film

Static cling film is a PVC film, that sticks/clings to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal surfaces. It sticks to these surfaces without any adhesive and can be removed without leaving behind any residue. It can be applied to the inside or outside of windows and is ideal for things like parking permits or short term promotions.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is an easy way to provide customisation and/or privacy for office windows or vehicles.

Window Frosting
Window Graphics

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